Spine Rehabilitation

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Spinal problems are now one of the biggest medical problem of civilization. Years of hard work, (whether physical or mental), left their mark for many of us. At the four star Sloneczny Zdroj Medical Spa & Wellness Hotel in Busko-Zdroj, we are well prepared to take the comprehensive rehabilitation of the spine and joints, and we also assure that you will feel like you are at a premium spa!

Our Rehabilitation/Medical SPA Center is a great medical center and sanatorium for the spine. Based on the available blessings of nature at Sloneczny Zdroj (e.g. sulphide water), advances in technology (modern medical equipment) and specialized staff (doctor, physiotherapists, masseurs), for every visitor we select individual treatment programs, which bring the desired results usually after a week.

People looking for a high class sanatorium for the spine or simply effective rehabilitation of the spine can choose from two special packages - Rehabilitation Vacation and Medical Package.

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Spine Diseases and Disorders treated at Sloneczny Zdroj

I. Orthopedic trauma disorders:

  1. Post-traumatic soft tissue state requiring rehabilitation
  2. Post-traumatic peripheral joints and spine state with pain syndrome and reduced range of motion requiring improvement
  3. Pre-arthoplasty rehabilitation
  4. Condition after arthroplasty of joints requiring rehabilitation
  5. Habitual joints dislocations
  6. Enthesopathy (calcification), fibromyalgia, inflammation of the bursae, cysts such as Backer’s, mixed pain syndrome

II. Chronic pain syndromes of the spine and peripheral joints on the grounds of:

  1. Generalized degenerative and productive changes
  2. Cervical and lumbar spine pain syndrome as a background of degenerative, discopathic and rotoscoliotic changes.
  3. The overload syndrome
  4. Postural defects and congenital defects

III. Local dysfunctions and pain syndromes:

  1. Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  2. Spine dysfunctions, ears pain, headaches and dizziness
  3. Neck pain, torticollis
  4. The range of motion limitation in peripheral joints (hips, shoulders, joints of the hand and foot)
  5. The post-traumatic range of motion limitation in joints
  6. The range of motion limitation of the cervical and lumbosacral spine
  7. Temporomandibular joint disorders
  8. Metatarsalgia
  9. Painful shoulder syndrome
  10. Tailbone pain

IV. Prevention:

  1. Muscle atrophy caused by inactivity
  2. Wellness
  3. Overload other than paralysis (of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joint capsules)
  4. The increase of muscle mass and muscle strength, the improvement of physical fitness
  5. Body shaping
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