Should I book treatments in advance?

If you plan to use the treatments, you might want to call a few days in advance and reserve the time that is best for you. Booking in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment resulting from lack of availability.

Who will help me choose the right treatments? Medical Spa & Wellness Reception staff is pleased to provide you with the necessary information regarding treatments. You will be able to take advantage of the free medical or cosmetic consultation, where specialists also advise on what treatments are appropriate for you.

I'm not in the best of health - then what?

Please report any health problems, allergies, injuries, illnesses, medication you are taking that may affect the treatment or the quality of Medical Spa & Wellness service. You should also inform us if you are pregnant.

Caution before the spa treatment

  • Men planning facials are recommended to shave, but it is not mandatory. This should be done at least two hours before the planned visit to a beautician, to avoid skin irritation.
  • Women who have planned treatments for the whole body should perform depilation no later than a day before the massage, mask or scrub.
    • Limit the intensity of the use of solar bath immediately before and after treatment.
  • Do not eat heavy meals one hour before the treatments and activities.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for several hours prior to treatment.

What to wear during my stay at the Spa?

You can come to the spa dressed in a bathrobe, slippers and a swimsuit or underwear. Bathrobes are available in the hotel room or at the Medical Spa & Wellness reception desk, free of charge. Before treatments, you will receive a towel and disposable underwear, because some cosmetics may cause stains, which are difficult to remove.

What to wear during my stay at the Medical Center?

Wear comfortable clothing. Depending on the type of treatment, you should bring sports clothing, shoes, swimsuit and flip flops. Bathrobes are available in the hotel room or at the Medical Spa & Wellness reception desk, free of charge. Detailed information on how to prepare for the various treatments can be found below.

Local and whole body Cryotherapy:

  • Do not use a bath, shower, sunbathing and all warming treatments for a minimum of 2 hours before and after treatment,
  • Remember! The skin for the treatment must be dry!!!
  • After treatment, warm up by exercising in the cardio room,
  • For Cryosauna treatment, bring: cotton underwear, thick socks, gloves and remove jewelry before treatment to avoid frostbite.


  • come dressed in a bathrobe and slippers,
  • you will get a towel before treatment,
  • during bathing lie still, do not splash, do not rub because unnecessary movements cause volatilization of medicinal substances,
  • rest is recommended after a bath, lie under a warm blanket,
  • do not use cryotherapy treatments for a minimum of 2 hours before and after the bath.

Fitness, individual gymnastics, and manual therapy:

  • wear comfortable sports attire that will not limit your movements during class,
  • wear sports shoes,
  • do not eat heavy meals one hour before classes

What happens if I’m late for treatment?

If you are late, treatment time will be shortened, however you will be charged the full cost of treatment.

What happens if I forget about the treatment?

Please - do not forget! Without a formal treatment cancellation and not showing up, your hotel room account will be charged 100% of the planned treatment price

Can I cancel the Medical or Spa treatment?

Yes, but this should be done in advance, otherwise you will be charged for booked service in accordance with the cancellation policy.

What is the treatments cancellation policy?

Notification given at least 6 hours prior to your appointment will receive no charges. Notification given less than 6 hours prior to appointment time will result in a 50% charge of the reserved service amount. Failure to show up for your appointment will result in a 100% charge of the reserved service amount. Cancellations must be made at Vitality Medical Spa & Wellness reception in person, by phone 48 41 378 89 00 or email

How can I pay for the services or cosmetics in the Medical Spa & Wellness?

Cash or credit cards are accepted. Hotel guests can charge Medical Spa & Wellness services to their hotel bill.

Where can I leave jewelry and valuables?

We suggest leaving your valuables in your room safe. Medical Spa & Wellness is not responsible for any lost items.

Are children allowed in the Medical Spa & Wellness?

Children and adolescents under 16 years of age can stay in the facility only under constant adult supervision.

How to continue further care at home?

After the treatment, the therapist will inform you on ways of further care, which will help maintain the achieved effect. These are professional cosmetics for home use, so they can be purchased only in professional beauty salons.

Medical Spa & Wellness etiquette

  1. Please arrive at the Medical Spa & Wellness at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment to prepare for it and complete the formalities.
  2. Our Medical Spa & Wellness is a place with a unique and quiet atmosphere. So please respect the rights of other guests; to privacy and relaxation
  • not using a cell phone and other electronic devices,
  • not smoking,
  • not consuming alcoholic beverages in the Medical Spa & Wellness
  1. Medical Spa & Wellness reserves the right to refuse entry to guests who appear for their appointment having consumed alcohol or are under the influence of drugs or other intoxicants
  2. We ask you to keep conversations at a low volume.
  3. If your behaviour will disturb other people at the Medical Spa & Wellness you may be asked to leave.
  4. If the employee meets with improper visitor behaviour (aggression, sexual suggestion, etc.) Medical Spa & Wellness reserves the right to stop the treatment.
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