We invite you to individual consultations with our specialists. We invite residents of the hotel and also customers from outside. Reservations can be made by phone 41/378 89 00 or by e-mail: spa@slonecznyzdroj.pl

MD Dariusz Klarecki

He is a graduate of the Military Medical Academy in Łódź. He began his career at:

  • 111 Military Hospital in Poznań, at military units at various positions (e.g. Chief of Regiment’s Health Services)
  • 21 Military Rehabilitation Hospital as Senior Assistant and POZ doctor, and later Head of the Department of Natural Medicine Institute.

After passing to the reserve he began to work at the Spa Sanatorium in Busko Zdrój. He works closely with Euromedica Poland, established in Warsaw and Bestvibe-Systems Ossy Leiser in Trier. During the years of active work he also served as Vice President of the Polish Association of Balneology, Bioclimatology and Physical Medicine, and for several years he has been the National Consultant of Biomechanical Stimulation / BMS / while being a member of the BMS Scientific Council.
Dr. Dariusz Klarecki’s specialties: Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology Specialist, Epidemiology Specialist.

Price of consultation:

  • Guests staying within the medical packages (Medical Package, Rehabilitation Holidays, Weight Loss Spa Vacation) two consultations are included in the package price,
  • all other medical consultations - 50 PLN.


Reservations can be made directly at the Vitality Medical Spa & Wellness reception, by phone 41/378 89 00 or by e-mail: spa@slonecznyzdroj.pl.

Dietitian M.Sc. Agnieszka Bech


Scope of services:

  • Consultation on the assessment of nutritional status
  • Individual weight-reducing diets, or modification of its proportions
  • High-energy diet in underweight
  • Diet in individual disease entities
  • Child nutrition
  • Nutrition during pregnancy

First diet consultation includes:

  • Nutrition interview of the last 24-hours - allowing the identification of existing habits and food preferences. It provides a basis to formulate individually defined diet in terms of quantity and quality. Also provides an indication of dietary mistakes and their elimination.
  • The defining body weight, height, waist and hip measurements, body fat and muscle percentage, and body water content (anthropometric). The BMI, WHR and proper body weight calculation.
  • Analysis of biochemical tests results, glucose measurement. It is advisable to present the current diagnostic and therapeutic documentation at the first visit.

After the first visit a dietitian analyzes the collected information and sets individual diet programs. The client receives data on the energy value of the diet used so far, and the proportions of its components. After a nutritional evaluation, dietary mistakes are defined, which should be eliminated during a properly maintained diet. The customer also receives a list of dietary guidelines on dieting both during and after its completion. In addition, a list of food products that are recommended, that should be eaten in limited quantities or completely excluded. In the first few weeks a dietitian prepares a menu with energy values of each meal for a period of two weeks to facilitate the introduction of a new model of nutrition. In addition, after the visit there is a shopping list for each day and table of food rations substitutes in the customer’s folder. The list of recipes that are on the menu are easily incorporated into the diet.

Client will receive a folder about 3 days after the first visit.

Next meetings are used for inspection and possible dietary modifications.


  • First visit: 150 PLN
  • Consecutive visits: 120 PLN


Vitality Medical Spa & Wellness, tel. 41/ 378 89 00 e-mail: spa@slonecznyzdroj.pl

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