Biomechanical muscle stimulation BMS - Medy

BMS is a method of therapy applied mainly to dysfunctions of the locomotor system, accelerating rehabilitation and improving the overall condition of the body. It is used by healthy people to prevent diseases of the locomotor system, as a fast warm up and a method for improving the general fitness and increasing the muscle strength and mass, as well as for body shaping. It is also one of the most effective physical methods for weight loss withina comprehensive programme of weight reduction. BMS results in warmed-up muscles, improved blood circulation and, consequently, an increase in metabolism. Depending on the applied frequency of vibration, it allows one to achieve the effect of muscle strengthening or relaxation and normalization of muscle tension, as well as an analgesic effect. In the therapy, three devices are used:a Miniswing of local effect, a Multiswing of both systemic and local effects and a Bestvibe of systemic effect.15 minutes of training using the BSM method substitute 90 minutes of traditional training.

ca. 10min 90PLN
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