Pińczów - 13 km from the hotel. The city has always been located at the intersection of contrasts. Separated from the south by the Nida River and from the north by the Pińczowski Hump, it stretches to form an unusual valley landscape. The rich history of the presence of religious movements (Catholics, Arians, Jews) has left its mark on the interesting monuments preserved here to this day.

St. George's Chapel Anny, located on a picturesque hill. The chapel was erected north of the town on a lofty hill opposite the castle. It is the product of the workshop of Santi Gucci, who was most likely the author of the general design of the chapel or had an influence on its preparation. The chapel is a memorial and cult building erected in 1600 thanks to the efforts of Zygmunt Myszkowski with the help of members of the local Brotherhood of St. Anna. The cult of this saint must have been cultivated in Pińczów for a long time, as evidenced by her late-Gothic figure preserved in the parish church.

Regional Aeroclub in Pińczów

Located on the lagoon, open only in the summer. He conducts training on paragliders, motor gliders, behind the tow. Tourists can take recreational flights.


Horse Stud in Michałów (19 km from the hotel)

Michałów Stud has been breeding Arabian horses for over 50 years. It is the largest stud farm of this breed in Poland, and one of the largest in Europe, and perhaps in the world. For years, it has maintained a herd of almost 400 purebred horses, including over 100 mother mares. Currently, it is a company of the Agricultural Property Agency.

Garden at the Crossroads in Młodzawy Małe (19 km from the hotel)

"Garden at the crossroads" is a three-level private garden open to the public. Over 2,000 species of plants grow on the area of ​​1 hectare: trees, shrubs and perennials, exotic and rare plants. An undoubted attraction of this place are ponds with a rich collection of water lilies, and the panorama of the garden can be viewed from special vantage points. An additional curiosity is the numerous birds, e.g. black stork, white and colorful peacocks, black and white swans, as well as many varieties of ducks, geese, parrots and pheasants.


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