Chroberz - 13 km from the hotel

Wielopolski Palace / Center of Cultural Heritage and Agricultural Tradition of Ponidzie

In 1859, the construction of the present palace was completed, the founder of which was the 13th estate, and the 6th member of the Wielopolski family, Margrave Aleksander Wielopolski (1803 - 1877). The late-classical palace, designed by Henryk Marconi, was built mainly to accommodate a large collection of books of the ordinance and a collection taken over from Konstanty Świdziński, a friend of the margrave.

 Church of of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The first mention of the Chroberki church and parish comes from 1326. The pastoral center probably existed as early as the 12th century. The present church was erected around 1550, funded by Stanisław Tarnowski, the castellan of Zawichoj. The church is made of brick, it was consecrated on 6 October 1570 by Bishop Marcin Białobrzeski, suffragan of Kraków, renovated in 1830. The nave has four spans, the chancel has two spans and is polygonally closed. Along the nave from the north, the Baroque chapel of St. Jana Kanty, by the nave from the south, the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary from 1899. The main altar is early Baroque with a Baroque crucifix. Tombstones and epitaphs from the 15th-17th centuries. In 1975, a Renaissance polychrome from around 1606 was discovered, conservation work began in 1979.


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