Chmielnik is 18 km away.


The Enchanted Garden in Śladkowo Małe

A unique roadside exhibition. The colorfully decorated carved figures attract attention. A place created by folk artists - Barbara and Tadeusz Buczyński. The gallery was created on a fragment of land between an old quarry and the Kielce - Busko road in April 2008. It is open to visitors all year round and admission is free. The authors of the works will be happy to talk about their work and the characters they created. They present e.g. newlyweds, angels, musicians, monks and birds.



The former synagogue from the 18th century was transformed into a modern, unique building called Educational and Museum Center "Świętokrzyski Shtetl" them. Majer Mały, whose aim is to remind and recreate the specificity of shtetls - former Polish-Jewish towns, a reminder of the coexistence of two cultures: Polish and Jewish.

The synagogue, carefully restored, boasts the only bimah in the world made entirely of glass - it is the center and heart of the interactive museum. A visit to the museum is not just getting to know the exhibits, Judaica and the history of the place. Thanks to the multimedia maps of the region placed inside, touch screens, holographic windows, hidden speakers - it is a fascinating "walk" through the pre-war streets of Chmielnik, it is a journey into the mood and tradition of the shtetl, it is a meeting with the family preparing a solemn Shabbat, or children and youth in the market square. It is getting to know many places where Poles and Jews have lived side by side for centuries and which are no longer found anywhere in Poland. They were destroyed by World War II and the Holocaust…


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